Customer Service / How to buy


OV catalogue can be found on the left part of our website in Buy Online. Select the category from the list of categories, e.g., Dresses, Tops, Skirts, etc.

Filter your search results by size, color and collection. The price of the product you have chosen will pop up when you hover over the product image. Click the image of the item and move to its Flypage.

You can view an enlarged snapshot image of the product there by clicking on its picture, or snapshots captured from other perspectives by scrolling down the page. Some Olia Victorieva products are available in a variety of colors to choose from. View all options by pressing the Other Colors button.

Further product details and the article of the piece chosen can be found in the Description. Parameters are also shown in the picture for you to easily find your size.

The Care & Features section contains information about the product composition and care tips.

In Shipping & Payment, select your destination country and city and enter your ZIP code to find out how soon we can manufacture and ship the item you want to buy.


The main Collections menu displays two latest collections by Olia Victorieva. Click on the Library to view some past collections. Choose a collection catalogue to view all products within the collection.

Click on the Look Features in the upper left corner and view all items the look selected consists of. You can go to Flypages by clicking on relevant product images.


Click Save on its Flypage and it will be added to the Favorites. To view your Favourites items, click on the heart icon in the upper right corner of the page. To buy an item, move to its Flypage and click Buy and it will be automatically added to the Shopping Cart.


Press Buy on the Flypage and view a range of sizes available for ordering with stock availability shown. Some products are already ready-made and can be shipped out from our warehouse immediately, while others will be tailored for you. Select size you need and your item will be automatically added to the Shopping Cart.

You are not sure about your size? Follow the guidelines on our Sizing Chart. Enter your country-specific size (right) and find out to what Olia Victorieva size it corresponds (left).


The last snapshot image on the Flypage displays the look as a whole, with links to the parts it includes on the right. Click on the links to quickly preview the items and move to their Flypages in order to buy them. Any additional products may be added either to your Shopping Cart or to your Favourites.


To place an order, go to the Shopping Cart by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner and find your list of items on the right. You can modify the size or the quantity of the items chosen, move an item from the Shopping Cart to the Favorites or delete it. Your order and shipping details can be edited at all stages of the order by pressing the Edit button in the right corner. All details you have previously entered will be saved, so all you need is to simply modify some relevant positions.

When you start to order, click the Checkout button and enter your contact information accurately. You can then proceed to payment by pressing the Continue button.

Please note that your items will be shipped free of charge by our partner DHL. Shipping times depend on destination city and time of manufacture. Your country will be identified by the website automatically. If you wish to change your destination country or city, click on the Select Another Destination.

Shipment lead times cover the time of product manufacturing and shipment and are displayed on the Checkout page once you have entered your contact information and address.

Your order will be then given a reference number and it will be displayed for you.

Use your reference number to check the status of your order on the Customer Service page.

The reference number of your order, including the items you have ordered and the shipping time, will be sent at the email address you have specified when placing your order.


The below two are payment methods available on the website:
• by Visa/Mastercard/Maestro if your payment amount is up to EUR 3,200;
• and via PayPal;

Payment by Bank Card

We accept payments by Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro, with transactions limited to EUR 3,200. To make a payment, enter your details as they are shown on your card (i.e., card number, card holder name, and CVV/CVC code). Enter your relevant phone number, otherwise your card will not be accepted. To confirm the transaction, enter the code you will receive on your phone. If your order amount exceeds the transaction limit, please contact our Customer Support at or via the feedback form and we will help you place your order and email an invoice so that you could make payment against our payment details. If your payment fails, our manager will contact you and help.

Olia Victorieva website uses the SSL cryptographic system to protect your personal data and banking details. We do not save bank card details so all purchases you make on the website are safe.

Payment through PayPal

With PayPal's money transfer services you can promptly pay for your order without entering your card number. You should have a registered PayPal account in order to pay through PayPal.

To make a payment, select PayPal under the Payment Methods, print your username and password to enter your PayPal account and click on the Confirm and Pay. You will be redirected to our partner’s website and you will need to fill in your payment information. Transaction amounts are subject to limitations. If your order amount exceeds the transaction limit, please contact our Customer Support at or via the feedback form and we will help you place your order and email an invoice so that you could make payment against our payment details. If your payment fails, our manager will contact you and help.